Code of Professional Ethics in Educational Technology

Featured imageThis week in (Edtech 501- Module 2) I was tasked with analyzing case studies and a real-life scenario of ethical issues at my workplace and explain how the AECT Professional Code of Ethics applied to it. I experienced some anxiety and had some difficulty putting my thoughts on paper, structuring my ideas, and citing my work because I had not written a paper in ages. However, there were great tools like (Grammarly & Mendeley) that helped me with my writing and citations. I was able to shake some rust off and structure my ideas and learn a great deal in the process.

This assignment gave me a deeper understanding of professional ethics and the purpose they serve in educational technology. I’ve learned that the field of educational technology has several ethical issues that will arise, and that it’s the duty of educational technology professionals to uphold to the AECT Code of Professional Ethics.

I believe that the field of educational technology would not be able to flourish and develop without professional ethics and standards in place to help govern the profession.  The more ethical issues professionals deal with, the better they will get at identifying and avoiding them. It is my hope that one day I’ll be able to apply these ethics to my profession and have success utilizing them appropriately.

You can read my paper on Professional Ethics here!

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