RSS in Education

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The days of sorting through countless bookmarks and using the URL autocomplete feature to search for my favorite websites are over. In (Edtech 501 Module 3) I was introduced to an RSS reader called Feedly. Feedly is an RSS reader that allows me to stay informed and on top of all of my related interests. Instead of going out to find content, all of the content finds me. And that may not even be the best aspect of this tool. Feedly helps ensure my privacy, by not requiring me to provide an email address to subscribe to newsletters and risk being bombarded with junk mail. I truly see myself using this tool moving forward.

This week I was given the assignment of creating a lesson plan that included using RSS to achieve a learning objective. I found it challenging to come up with an original lesson plan. The brainstorming felt like an actual storm taking place in my brain, which left me mentally exhausted. I believe it was a combination of having no prior experience creating lesson plans and coming up with a lesson that would incorporate RSS.

I found Bloom’s Taxonomies to be very helpful in helping me structure my lesson plan and understanding how to create objectives. Given more time, I would improve this lesson plan by providing detailed supporting documents with instructions listed in the step-by-step procedure portion of my lesson plan. I plan on using a revised edition of this lesson plan that includes more supporting documents at some point for faculty professional development.

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