School Evaluation Summary

Featured imageThis week in (Edtech 501 Module 5) I had to review the National Education Technology Plan (NETP) and read about developing an effective instructional technology plan. I learned that schools must develop a plan for integrating technology into their curriculum to help them realize how important of a role technology plays in education. I completed a Maturity Benchmark Survey Sheet to analyze my school. The Maturity Benchmark Survey allows the school to have its methods and processes evaluated according to management best practice, against a clear set of external benchmarks.

I learned that my school has done a great job in integrating technology into their educational curriculum. They have planned their use of technology well by establishing a clear goal and comprehensive strategy use of technology to improve education. I also learned that the type of school plays a big role in that. There are some things you get in a private school that you just can’t get in a public school: world- class education, technology, and opportunity. The school provides access to technology as well as the use of technology. They have the right infrastructures in place to push this initiative. Check out my School Evaluation Summary.

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