Definition Graphic: Educational Technology

This week in (Edtech 501 Module 6) I had to read and reflect on the definition of educational technology, which Alan Januszewski and Michael Moldenda defines as “the study and ethical practice of facilitating, learning, and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources”. The most important thing I came away with after reading the first chapter is that educational technology has many facets and it is always evolving and will continue to evolve, so this definition of the concept is a temporary one. I would define educational technology as being a field of practice that seeks to improve learning and enhance performance through the means of technology.

I also had to create an original graphic/visual that illustrated my understanding of the elements of educational technology and how they connect. We were given the option to choose any tool of our liking. I chose to create this graphic using “Piktochart“, which is an infographic design app. I’ve used it in the past and thought that it would be the best tool to use given my lack of experience with graphics design. Piktochart is very easy to use to produce quality graphics and that’s the main reason I chose it.

Featured image

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