Reflection of Learning

Featured imageThese past seven weeks were trying and tested my abilities. It was my first course in this graduate program, and it was a huge adjustment from my normal day to day schedule. My mind was awakened from its deep slumber and challenged with learning something new. I had to revisit old learning methods and practices, and I had to work towards regaining confidence.

What challenges did you face in this course?

The biggest challenges I faced dealt primarily with time management and making the best out of the time that I had available. Often I would stay up late working on artifacts and a lot of time was spent on gathering and formulating my thoughts instead of getting work done. Coming up with original work was difficult for me as it takes creativity in which I lack. I’m looking forward to working on that one area and nurturing my creativity with the right outlook.

What strategies or other creative resources did you use to address these challenges?

I made sure to set aside four days a week to work on assignments. I also would work on brainstorming and getting my thoughts on paper quickly and returning at a later time to make any necessary corrections.

Which artifact do you feel was your best and why?

I would say my best artifact was the school evaluation summary. It allowed me to do a comprehensive analysis of my findings of the maturity of technology at the school. It gave me in-depth experience evaluating my school and allowed me to interview colleagues and administration to get more insight and perspective of where the school stands. And it’s goals to provide technology as a means to improving education.

What is one thing you plan to do in your school or business as a result of this course?

I plan to continue working towards closing the digital learning gap by providing the necessary support and training of hardware and software to both students and staff and helping them gain sufficient digital literacy.

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