Acceptable Use Policies

The topic of discussion today is Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). What is it? What does it hope to accomplish? I will delve into the answer to these questions and discuss my understanding of AUP’s. An AUP is essentially a document that states conditions, requirements, and rules that a user must follow and agree to in order for them to access the network, website, or service. According to Education World, the AUP for internet use is one of the most important documents a school or institution will produce and requires thoughtful research and planning.


Acceptable Use Policies seek to protect both users and establishments. In the particular case of a school, they should make students aware of basic internet safety rules before they allow them to use the network. They should protect students from harmful content and regulate their use of the internet. They should do this so that the students do not harm other students or interfere with what the school is trying to achieve. Typically they have a section where students and parents have to sign the document to acknowledge that they will adhere to the policy and are aware of students’ restrictions on the network before they can use it. They also usually release the school or district of responsibility for students who choose to break those restrictions.


According to Education World, an AUP should contain a preamble, definition section, policy statement, acceptable use section, unacceptable use section, and a violations section. Aup’s should explain why the policy is needed. It should define keywords that are used to ensure that students and parents comprehend the terms. The policy should tell what computer services are covered by the policy and it should define the appropriate and inappropriate student use of the network and there should be a section in the AUP that tells students how to report violations

Below I’ve listed links to a few Acceptable Use Policies of services that I currently use or subscribe to:

Pay Pal:



Google Apps:

Below are links to a few institutions and school Acceptable Use Policies:

Keene School District AUP:

Carroll School:

Medford Public Schools:

Socorro K-12:


Getting Started on the Internet: Acceptable Use Policies. (n.d.). Retrieved February 26, 2016, from


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  1. kwrabley says:

    Jerry – I enjoyed reading your post. I especially liked the idea of including AUPs for common tech companies and services that many people use (and probably have never read), in addition to those of schools. I also like your inclusion of “students not harming other students” as part of the purpose – as I think we often tend to think of AUPs as a school’s attempt to kind of protect itself and keep students from visiting inappropriate sites, but not always as a tool for protection of the students – both those that are the users and other students who may be affected. Thanks again for your post!


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