Relative Advantage of Using Digital Games for Content Area Learning

Digital games have a high presence in non-formal and informal subdivisions of learning. It’a an effective way to use technology to strengthen a student’s learning experience. According to, digital game-based learning has the potential to engage and motivate students and offer custom learning experiences while promoting long-term memory and providing practical experience. Digital games help students set and work towards achievement goals, provide helpful feedback, and maintain records for measurement purposes. “The interactive nature of digital video games stimulates learning and encourages participants to challenge new topics of knowledge.” According to The games can help students develop computer skills that they’ll need in a modern society that continues to develop technologically.

The relative advantage of the use of digital games in 3rd-grade math is that it influences motivation, collaboration, and engagement of the students in a positive way. According to, the games offer a secure and contextual environment that foster different skill acquisition, such as problem-solving, communication and collaboration skills, strategic thinking skills, and social skills. Digital games in education have been very successful and the application of them for learning means an opportunity for students to apply the acquired knowledge and experiment, get feedback in the form of consequences thus getting the experiences in the safe environment.

Digital games can also be used for personal development and help improve self esteem of the students. The games help establish dialogue and break social and cultural boundaries. Formative assessment is one of the teachers’ main means of improving student learning and according to game-using teachers reported conducting more formative assessment than those who didn’t use games, and facing fewer barriers in doing so.

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1 Response to Relative Advantage of Using Digital Games for Content Area Learning

  1. Sherri says:

    Motivation can be difficult sometimes for students to find. Math can be a little numerical, with little fun for some. I think you have a point that games can bring fun and excitement, along with motivation, engagement and self-esteem. They help by helping children stay focused to meet a certain task, while learning math skills. Very nice job.


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