Relative Advantage of Using Technology to Enhance Content Area Learning

There are several relative advantages of using technology to enhance content area learning. I will list a few that make 3rd-grade math become more engaging, relevant, and authentic. One relative advantage is the enhancement of teaching and learning experience. Technology provides new ways for teachers to teach and for students to learn. Specifically, technologies such as smart Notebook facilitate this. As it pertains to math, it allows visual learners to watch as the teacher uses the board to project visual elements and has the touchscreen element that allows learners to touch and interact with the board. The smart Notebook software that comes with the smart board gives teachers tools to create math lesson plans and it allows students to solve mathematical problems. This experience alone greatly enhances students learning.

A second relative advantage is the ability to allow students to interact and share. According to the governor solutions website “The interactive nature of SMART boards offers learners an opportunity to share and participate in the instructional process. Interactivity provides a platform for students to demonstrate their grasp of the subject through touching, drawing, and writing.” These are all skills that students would need to apply in one form or another when working on math problems, whether it’s basic math arithmetic, word problems, drawing geometrical shapes, or graphing.

A third relative advantage is having access to online information and tools. The technology available today provides students with a plethora of online math resources such as, educational games, multimedia videos, and interactive websites. These all encourage interactivity, increase visual interest, and diversifies the teacher’s lesson. All of these educational technology resources help students to better grasp and understand math concepts. With these tools at their disposal, they’ll be able to explain mathematical concepts, make logical connections between facts and concepts, recognize connections when they encounter something new, and identify the principles in specific math topics that make everything work.


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  1. How cool is the smart board and where was that when I was in 3rd Grade? It really is cool how technology has advanced the learning process. It has pushed students as well as teachers to stay one step ahead. Thanks for sharing your post.


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