Obstacles and Suggested Solutions for Integrating Technology Into the Content Area

There are many obstacles that can get in the way of successfully integrating technology into elementary science and I will touch on a couple of them.

Obstacle: The first one is the lack of knowledge and understanding. According to (Roblyer, 2016) science is a rapidly changing area and teachers are regularly challenged to keep up with new developments in science content, tools, and methods. Elementary teachers face an even greater challenge. Since they are usually required to have much less initial preparation in math and science content than secondary science teachers. As a result of the lack of training, teaching science for understanding at an early level becomes difficult due to teachers’ lack of deep understanding of the discipline.

Solution: One way to solve this is by assisting the teachers and providing them with increased professional development. Teacher development in this area is important because it provides them with the tools and hands-on experience they’ll need in the science field. It’s also critical for teachers to have ongoing and regular opportunities to learn from each other. This keeps them up to date on emerging technology tools for the classroom and new curriculum resources.

Obstacle: Another barrier is the lack of tech support. According to Edutopia.org, a recent survey by the nation’s two largest teachers’ unions states that many teachers still feel unprepared to take advantage of digital tools in the classroom and one of the main reasons are due to lack of technical support. The lack of tech support can derail any tech initiative. It plays a vital role in technology integration, but sometimes an insufficient budget won’t allow for it, so there are ways to make the best of what you have.

Solution: Ways to help improve this problem is to seek out free, easy to use digital resources. By using simple but powerful online applications, there will be less need for technical support. Teachers can take advantage of supportive online environments and discussion forums that offer webcasts, podcast and other means for professional development. Choosing web tools and simulation applications for science that are easy to use and manage can go along way in getting the benefits of using technology without the need for much support.


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   Roblyer, M. D. (2015-01-30). Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching  (7th Edition) (Page 320). Pearson. Kindle Edition.


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2 Responses to Obstacles and Suggested Solutions for Integrating Technology Into the Content Area

  1. loripetzel says:

    I like the organization of your post–obstacle/solution–it makes it easy to read and understand. I found the same obstacle writing about elementary social studies. There are just so many topics a teacher needs to be an ‘expert’ on that it can be overwhelming. Your suggested solutions are a great place to start!


  2. Jerry, great views on Obstacles and Solutions. I have to agree with you on tech support, that can be so challenging in all we are trying to accomplish. Good work.


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