Effectiveness of Project Based Learning

Effectiveness of Project-Based Learning

This week (2) in Edtech 542 we continued to familiarize ourselves with Project-Based Learning (PBL) by reading up on several resources and examples of PBL integrated into different subjects and content areas. We had to identify common features in the various projects and share one that we liked. We also were tasked with finding an article on the effectiveness of PBL in diverse classrooms and reflecting on it.

I had a chance to read a couple of items, and I will touch on the efficiency that PBL has in diverse classrooms, but first let me explain how I was interested to find out that diversity in the classroom is exhibited in many different ways. One article I read from Global Education Conference was titled “Diversity, Learning Styles and Project Based Learning- Upgrading Classroom Methods for a Global Personal Learning Framework”. This article described how teachers are faced with teaching highly diverse classrooms filled with students that have emotional issues that impact their ability to learn as well as the teacher’s ability to teach. I found out that teachers are dealing with various learning styles, multiple unique ED issues, and at-risk students, which is a very broad area. This article revealed a few things, and I now see classroom diversity from a different perspective. I think that in a way all classes are diverse in some sense and race isn’t the only thing that defines diversity.

After reading different articles online I feel that diverse learners make up diverse classrooms and according to an article on Edutopia “Teachers who use PBL and who also have taken part in extended professional development report more teaching and assessment of 21st-century skills, compared with a closely matched comparison group.” This statement means that students in PBL classrooms spend more time learning relevant content through their personal experiences. This, therefore, fosters the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills. PBL serves diverse learners by engaging and motivating them, and studies show that students demonstrate improved attitudes towards learning and have better attendance than in more traditional environments.

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How Project-Based Learning Builds 21st-Century Skills. (2012). Retrieved May 19, 2016, from http://www.edutopia.org/blog/21st-century-skills-pbl-suzie-boss

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