Driving Question

This week in class we focused on writing a driving question. A driving question is a way to focus a student’s work as well as a teacher’s. It helps communicate the purpose of a project in a clearly expressed question. There are certain criteria for a driving question. A quality driving question should:

  • Engage learners/students. It should be a question that they can understand and that’s relevant to them in their lives.
  • Be open-ended and should allow for more than one right answer.
  • Align with learning goals, such as standards, skills, and objectives that you want students to learn.
  • Present a challenge.

There are more elements to a quality driving question, but I just noted a few. I was able to create a driving question for my project that included some of these key elements and I used Driving Question Tubric 2.0 to help me. Driving Question Tubric 2.0 is a tool that was very helpful in helping me practice writing driving questions. It help you frame initial words, person, or entity, action or challenge, and audience/purpose.

This week I also used Pinterest for organizing and brainstorming my ideas and resources for my project. Pinterest is basically a social networking tool that allow you to visually share and bookmark interest, creative ideas, and images. I found it to be easy to use as well as the perfect tool to bookmark and organize resources for my project.

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