This week in class we explored the development of targeted assessments in a Project Based environment. I have to admit that the development process for my assessment plan took some time to complete. I use to think assessment was used to evaluate work at the end of instruction, but what I found out was that it’s not only utilized at the end, but it’s necessary at the start.

My planned assessment for my project includes product development, rubric, checklist, and a graphic organizer. Let me explain the different ways these tools meet essential requirements for effective assessment.

Product Development and Rubric
The product is a classroom website, and one of the learning outcomes is an ISTE Standard, and it states that students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations. The product is a summative assessment that will provide students with a culminating evaluation of their performance through creating a website. Students will meet the learning outcome, and it will also help the teacher assess how well the students know the content, their skill level, and how well they applied their knowledge and skill to design the website.

Checklist and graphic organizer
These assessment tools fall under the category of formative assessment. The checklist I created is a form of self-evaluation and research has shown it to be a powerful tool in improving student outcomes. It clearly defines the criteria and the process of evaluation. The checklist I created for this assessment plan is very clear on the expectations for the overall organization, design, and content material. The graphic organizer helps the students visually brainstorm new ideas and there understanding of the concepts. This is an excellent way to monitor the students learning and to provide any necessary feedback that may improve the students learning.

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