Reflection and Debriefing

This PBL project started with a driving question and required a lot of preparation and planning. This week we were tasked with a peer review. We were given a project design rubric to use as a guide to help us provide constructive criticism to one of our classmates projects. I felt that the peer review provided useful feedback and helped improve my own assessment.

When I look at this overall evaluation I would involve teachers in the review process. I would have them review the project and get their feedback and expertise on the strengths and weaknesses of the project from a teacher’s perspective. I would provide them with a questionnaire and focus questions on whether or not they felt the project would be an effective way to increase engagement for parents in the classroom.

I would also include parents in the process and send them a survey to find out how efficient they feel the classroom websites are. I would ask questions to get insight on their user experience, access to the site, and whether the resources on the site support their children’s learning. This would more likely be an annual evaluation to make sure that the classroom sites remain relevant to them. I feel that this review process is a reiterative one and it will need constant revisions to perfect it.

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