Final Reflection

We are now nearing the end of this course, and my understanding and knowledge of Project Based Learning have grown exponentially. What I understand best about PBL is that it’s a learning approach, and it allows students to self-explore and investigate real world problems and acquire a deeper knowledge and skills. I also understand the importance of standards and reflection and how it’s necessary for complex learning. What I understand least is how to go about relinquishing control and placing the decisions in the students hands without interfering with their learning process.

In taking this course, I expected to learn how technology supports PBL just as the class name implies, as well as how to create a PBL project. At the end of this course, I learned what I expected to and more. I learned the differences between a traditional classroom and PBL. I also learned the characteristics of PBL, which includes the difference between teacher and facilitator. I learned the importance of collaboration, sustained inquiry, assessment, and reflection. I learned the 21st-century skills that students need and how it will serve them in life.

Now that I’ve learned so much about the essentials of PBL I will use it to challenge and inspire learners. I will encourage them to think creatively and become better problem-solvers. I will try to focus on developing students communications skills and help them acquire analytical thinking skills and accountability for their actions and work. This course has taught me so much in such a short period, and I hope to use all that I’ve learned to integrate it into professional development training for teachers. I also plan to use 21st-century skills to prepare students in my middle school broadcasting club for the real world.

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