Edtech 513: Sketchnote

Edtech 513 SketchnoteThis week I was tasked with the assignment of creating a sketchnote. A sketchnote is visual note taking and a creative way to take notes by doodling, using pictures, and typography with marker and paper or stylus and tablet. The sketchnote was created about a topic in Chapter 4 of our textbook and addressed “Multimedia Principle” and how I’d use graphics to teach content types.

At first, I downloaded two apps onto my iPad from the App Store. One was called Tayasui Sketches, and the other was called Paper by FiftyThree. They were both apps that allowed users to capture and create notes, photos, and sketches. I fooled around with both of them and found there to be a slight learning curve. It was also difficult for me to create sketches due to the lack of a stylus, specifically a fine point stylus that would allow me to have more precision with my sketches. I found that using my finger to doodle took too much real estate on the iPad screen and I found it difficult to create the sketches the way I visualized them, so for the sake of time and lack of stylus I used gel pens and paper. I learned that sketchnoting brought out some creativity that I never knew I had and it also helped me focus. I found it easier to recall the information in the chapter regarding this topic a lot better once I created the sketchnote.

I feel that the most appropriate AECT Standard that aligned with this project was 3.1 Creating. It says candidates create instructional design products based on learning principles and research-based best practices. I feel that the sketchnote I created was an instructional design product based on the learning principles of “Multimedia Principles” and making mental connections through the use of words and pictures.

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