Project #2: Static Multimedia Instruction

Learning Objectives:

After viewing this Tutorial, learners will be able to:

  1. Sign in and out of Office 365.
  2. Use Office 365 to compose an email.

To create this tutorial, I downloaded a trial software called Clarify-it. Clarify-it is a screenshot software that combines image capture, image editing, and text authoring. I was left very impressed with this tool because it was intuitive and straightforward. The learning curve was almost nonexistent, and I was able to navigate the software with no need for a tour or introduction video. I attribute it to my experience with other screenshot and screencast software such as Camtasia Studio, Snagit, and the Windows Snipping Tool.

Personally, I use Office 365 at my workplace as well as all the faculty and staff. I figured this would be an excellent opportunity to create a brief tutorial on how to sign in and out of Office 365 and compose an email. I felt that I would be able to add this to our knowledge base for all employees to use as a reference.

I used Google Docs to create the notes for all the necessary steps in this instruction. I have an ultra-wide monitor and was able to walk-through the multiple steps of signing into Office 365 and composing an email on one side of the screen while I took notes of the steps I walked through in Google Docs on the other end of the screen. Once all of the steps were documented, I then launched Clarify-it and took screenshots of every step in the process. I then copied and pasted the steps I had written in Google Docs into Clarify-it. From there I was able to add steps and annotations to the screenshots, and I completed the tutorial by exporting it to PDF.

This instruction demonstrates the multimedia and contiguity principle because it includes both words and graphics and it aligns the words to corresponding graphics. It aligns the screenshots with the annotations.



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