Project #4: Narrated Presentation

This week in Edtech 513 I was tasked with creating a narration presentation on my choice of chapter 6 or 7 of our e-Learning and the Science of Instruction text. Chapter 6 focused on applying the Modality Principle and Chapter 7 was on applying the Redundancy Principle. I decided to do my presentation on the Modality Principle, which presents words as speech rather than on-screen text. Research studies also showed that students learned better from images and narration than from images and on-screen text.

In designing this presentation I used PowerPoint 2016 and GoogleDocs to create my script. After reading the chapter I wrote a script for each PowerPoint slide I was going to create. The difficult part was finding the graphics that would accommodate the script for each section of the presentation. The graphics that I used were all under the creative commons license. PowerPoint offers a feature to search for online pictures and it can filter by creative commons, which proved to be very helpful. Once I had my slides and scripts in order I then recorded and inserted the narration for each slide. I was then able to save the presentation and export it to a video .mp4 file.

Link to Modality Principle Narrated Presentation

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