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School Evaluation Summary

This week in (Edtech 501 Module 5) I had to review the National Education Technology Plan (NETP) and read about developing an effective instructional technology plan. I learned that schools must develop a plan for integrating technology into their curriculum … Continue reading

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Tech Trends

This week in (Edtech 501 Module 4) I reviewed the NMC Horizon Report 2015 K-12 Edition, which looks at trends and technologies that will drive educational change in the next few years. In the report, the experts agreed on two … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography: MakerSpace

During this week in (Edtech 501 Module 3), I had to compose an annotated bibliography. I had to identify and summarize at least five research studies and reflect on its effectiveness in technology-supported learning. I chose to focus on “Makerspace”. … Continue reading

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RSS in Education

The days of sorting through countless bookmarks and using the URL autocomplete feature to search for my favorite websites are over. In (Edtech 501 Module 3) I was introduced to an RSS reader called Feedly. Feedly is an RSS reader … Continue reading

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Digital Divide/Digital Inequality

This week in Edtech 501 Module 3, I explored issues of Digital Divide and Digital Inequality at my workplace by conducting research and interviews with faculty and administration. I was given the assignment to use Haiku Deck to create a … Continue reading

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Code of Professional Ethics in Educational Technology

This week in (Edtech 501- Module 2) I was tasked with analyzing case studies and a real-life scenario of ethical issues at my workplace and explain how the AECT Professional Code of Ethics applied to it. I experienced some anxiety and had … Continue reading

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